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The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame

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37,57 RON
English version of romanian bestseller "Flacara Violeta"
In this work, with so much generosity and with immense modesty, Mr Teodor Vasile initiates us, step by step, in some of the basic techniques used in complementary therapies. Meditative techniques and spiritual practices are extremely useful for anyone, no matter age, sex or religion. Apart from his deep knowledge in this field, Dr. Teodor Vasile also possesses an academic background hard to equal – licentiate / graduate in Psychology and Ecology, Master and Bachelor in Psychotherapy, Doctor in Alternative Medical Sciences and Naturopathy, Calcutta, India, post graduate in Psychology. He is a Reiki Master and a coach master in Martial Arts (Shihan Ju-Jitsu, San Dan Goju – Ryu Karate Do). His integrative vision is deeply anchored in spirituality, in our direct relationship with God. Exceptional is the fact that he has been able to adapt his work methods to the Christian sociocultural and spiritual conditions. Among his masters we may list Professor Dan Seracu, the late Father Galeriu, engineer Valeriu Popa. Together with Professor Dan Seracu he opened, in 1997, the first complementary therapy and psychotherapy clinic and wrote the book “Aromaterapia de la A la Z”. My vision perceives the action of health recovery (or health preservation) as complete therapy addressing the human being as a whole. Guiding elements in the process of healing and evolution, for both therapist and patient, are the activation and use of the deep link between Man and God, of Light, Faith and Love. When the patient, guided by a complete therapist – who sees himself first as spiritual healer – with the help of Light and Love, becomes aware of his or her deep identity, divine essence of the Lord in his or her heart, sufferings begin to vanish, by one means or another. One can only preserve health through full awareness of one’s own identity: “I am the child of the Lord, created out of Light, in His own Image” since through unlimited love, our Lord, Our Father, as well as Light, are fundamentally incompatible with suffering, darkness or illness, no matter at which level they are manifested. The characteristic elements of True Self, God and Light (that is Divine Spark) are present within us, and so is the essential nature of the Supreme Divinity, Love. Only Faith, our Faith, can unchain such Divine Forces and transform us, through Self Offering, into what we really are, Beings of Light! Healing is within us, in our minds and in our souls, in our thoughts and in our deeds, and in our everyday actions. This is the true secret of healing! What is most important for me is the fact that over fifty thousand participants joined in this “holistic experiment” during the last 9 years. The beneficial experience and amelioration of some suffering reinforced their confidence and they came again and again, helping this meditation to continue week after week, month after month, thus bearing testimony to it’s beneficial results. Author

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